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Try Us Out: Capping is a great way to see if you would like to become a member of the hunt club. We offer a variety of ways to join us for a day including Horse Riding, Biking, Walking, or simply riding along in another member’s car. If you have never been foxhunting before and would like to learn more this is a great way to get acquainted. Feel free to email us or phone us via the contact information listed below.
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Daphne Taylor
The hounds meet before sunrise to give the pack the best scenting conditions
Early morning mist rising
With an early morning start we are off to the foxes!!
So were we looking for a fox or a moose?
Click the picture for a better look…
Fall in New England
A great time to get out in the countryside with the hounds
Will you? Or shall I bark?
Whipping in can get a bit extreme at times…here is one of the members rushing back to let the huntsman know where the fox is located
Members of the hunt are sure use all available routes to keep up with the hounds…